Frequently Asked Questions

I have chosen a property. What should I do next?

Contact your Seller. If you do not have one, contact us here to assist you. Then, ask for a computation sheet for the specific property you have chosen. When you have checked that the purchase is within your budget, ask your Seller to see if the property is still available. If it is available, tell the Seller to hold the property for you. Putting the property on hold means that it will be taken out of the property listing and withdrawn from the market. This will allow you to prepare the requirements for reservation and purchase.

Up to how long will you honor my reservation? What happens when my reservation is cancelled?

The reservation is good for 30 days from the date of reservation. Generally after cancellation, reservation deposits are non-refundable, except for special cases with mitigating circumstances.

I have already reserved the property, can I change the unit?

Yes, within the reservation period, you may change the unit as long as the change is to another unit within the same project, or within the Ayala Land Residential Business Group. Take note that the reservation period for the new unit continues from that of the reservation period of the previous unit. You do not start from Day 1 with a new reservation period.

How do I know how much I can afford to purchase? How much can I borrow? How much downpayment and monthly amortization will I have to pay?

A Property Specialist will be able to give you an idea of how much the price of the unit is, how much downpayment is needed, and how much the monthly amortizations and/or the lumpsum payments are, if applicable. If you do not have a Property Specialist to assist you, contact us here so we can assist you.

You can also use the mortgage calculators provided in this website to enable you to estimate what kind of a property you can afford, how much you can borrow, how much you can afford to pay on a monthly basis.

The amount of bank financing extended varies with each bank and is affected by both the property's appraised value (as determined by the bank) and the capacity of the buyer to pay (as evaluated by the bank). Typical bank financing is normally up to 80% of the selling price (VAT included) but BPI Family Bank has recently launched a program allowing buyers of Ayala Land Premier and Alveo Land Corp. developments to borrow up to 90%.

What is a Contract to Sell, Deed of Sale, Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT), Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT), and Tax Declaration (Tax Dec)?

A Contract to sell or CTS is a document where developer promises to transfer to the buyer the ownership and physical possession of the property upon the buyer's fulfillment of the terms of the sale, and the buyer obliges himself to pay the purchase price and comply with the other terms and conditions of the sale. Once the property is paid in full, a Deed of Sale (DOS) is executed by the developer and buyer.

A Deed of Sale or DOS is a document executed when buyer pay the developer in cash (whether using his or her own funds or through funds barrowed from bank or financing institutions). In the DOS, the developer transfer ownership of the property to the buyer, subject to the compliance by the buyer with the Deed of Restrictions or Master Deed with Declaration of Restrictions governing the project and the other terms and conditions of the sale.

A Transfer of Certificate of Title (TCT) is a proof of ownership of a subdivision lot issued by the Register of Deeds of the relevant city or municipality where the subdivision project is located.

A Condominium Certificate of Title is proof of ownership of a condominium unit issued by the Register of Deeds of the relevant city or municipality where the condominium project is located.

What are the documents I have to sign to close the purchase transaction?

You will have to sign the Contract to Sell (CTS) which will be sent to you after you have paid for the purchase. You will then return the signed CTS to Ayala Land.

If you will register the sale under the name of another person or corporation, then you must sign, have notarized, and submit to Ayala Land 3 original copies of the Special Power of Attorney (SPA). The SPA and CTS will have to be authenticated at the Philippine Consulate nearest you, as that is a requirement for the Philippine courts to recognize the validity of signed documents originating from overseas.

How quickly can I move into my house?

You can take physical possession of your house and/or lot once the following steps have been completed:

- Acceptance Form has been signed (unless the property is otherwise deemed accepted).

- All required documents pertinent to the sale of the property (i.e. Contract to Sell, Deed of Sale, corporate papers, etc.) have been signed and submitted.

- All amounts due under our Contract, including reimbursement for advance payment of service fees for the utility connections, have been paid.

Can I keep pets within my property?

You may keep domesticated pets within your property. Suggested number of pets is three. No exotic animals. Animals not allowed to go astray.

Can I drill my own deep well?

No, it is not allowed. The community offers adequate water supply.